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Structured Social Day Programs


Waterdogs K9 Center prides itself on its structured socialization program.. Every dog enrolled in our ELITE K9 program will be cared for and guided on every level. Our programs provide supervised training activities, including addressing of mild behavioural issues, indoor swims for fun/fitness and confidence building, regular nail trims, access to our agility equipment, structured social time, & rest .We also offer different programs for dogs who are NOT quite suitable for socialization YET, but who may be with some guidance and training... on both ends of the leash.

Dogs learn basic commands as well as gate manners, sit stays, down stays and recalls. Every dog gets an all inclusive access pass to our facility. This includes: structured social time, private swims with a staff member, regular nail trims, one one one and group training for your dog during their stay. We have tons of interaction and activities for your dog to enjoy while they are in our care. We have a great dog to staff ratio, ensuring fair , safe structured socialization at all times. We cater to dogs of any size, breed, or age. We offer outdoor play space and protective rubber flooring throughout.

How to Enroll:

All dogs must have an initial consult and assessment prior to being allowed to join the pack for the first time and have proof of vaccination ( including Bordetella). After you contact us, we will send you an initial inquiry form. We will ask you to complete this and one of our staff will contact you to discuss your needs and goals. We will then set up a day to do our initial consult/ meet & greet. All of our programs are available in packages only.

We also ask that if your dog is on any topical medications, that you wait 48 hours after applying them to bring them to our facility... As all dogs play with their mouths and we do not want any dog ingesting anything undesirable. If the booked assessment goes well, your dog will be enrolled in our Elite K9 Care program. Clients are able to have set days for daycare, (eg: every Tuesday, Wednesday, etc) or we do accommodate a flexible schedule as well.

Days must be pre booked with our staff, as we like to maintain our staff to dog ratio. If you plan on bringing your dog, we do require that you confirm availability with us prior to your arrival. Failure to do so may result in you being turned away at the door. Our latest drop off time for daycare is 1:00 pm. We will not accept dogs past this time to ensure that all dogs get the most out of their day here . Our package rates are offered for:


We always maintain a high level of cleanliness and ask that you respect our policies. If your dog makes a mess outside on the property, please clean It up.

Also to ensure the health and safety of every of every dog in our care we ask that if your dog is not feeling well, has upset stomach, diarrhea, vomiting, eye infections, skin infection, stitches, open wounds, sores, fleas, ticks, runny nose, cough, respiratory distress, has had topical medication applied in the last 48 hours or has been vaccinated or been to the vet for any reason in the last 72 that you DO NOT BRING YOUR DOG TO OUR FACILITY If your dog is on ANY medication or has ANY medical issues for any reason you must let us know prior to bringing your dog.

Please visit our FAQ'S SECTION FOR EVEN MORE INFO!!! To view our FAQ, please go to ABOUT US..

  • " We have been bringing out young Poodle, Panda, to Janet at Waterdogs almost since the beginning of her business. Janet has done a wonderful job of getting a business up and running, displaying her expansive knowledge of dog health and behaviour, while providing a very valuable and necessary service to dog families in Barrie. Thank you Janet for always being there for our pups and making sure that they are great citizens with good behaviour! "

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