Get your dog ready for spring with a splash in our salt water pool!

About Us

Janet has always had a love of all animals, especially dogs. As a young child of only 6 years old, she would go around the neighborhood asking if she could walk peoples dogs for them. At the age of 13 she started training dogs for people and by the age of 16 was competing in Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) And AKC shows across North America. She has been a member of several kennel clubs and rescue groups over the years, devoting herself to educating, training, breeding, showing and volunteering across Canada. Janet currently lives in Barrie with her 4 dogs Jack, Koby ,Isys, Dunya and her cat Raven (the boss). She is and advocate for balanced training and has had great success with training dogs on ecollars. This is a labor of love for Janet and she looks forward to meeting amazing dogs and people as her life long dream of helping people create better dogs becomes a reality. So please stop by anytime, tour the facility and say hi... Koby and Jack are the official greeters and cookie connoisseurs and always happy to see new friends.

Our Promise

We promise that when you come to Waterdogs K9 Center both you and your dog feel like family. We work hard to make your dog better a better dog and to make your life easier through training, and consistency. We want you to always feel good about leaving your beloved dog in our clean safe facility. We are always here to help.

Our Tools and Methods

At Waterdogs, we use a variety of tools for training which include prong collar, and e-collars. We believe that any tool when used correctly by a trained person is invaluable. Our methods of training are balanced, meaning we correct and disagree with the negative behaviours and praise and agree with the good behaviours. If you are considering training with our head trainer/owner Janet, we ask that you are comfortable with all tools that we use. We are here to help with any questions you may have regarding our techniques. We have had huge success with our methods. And we want to empower every dog owner out there to join us with your own success story.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that every dog becomes a well rounded, happy tail wagging, totally content pile of puppy love <3

Our Vision

To promote , educate and empower owners to have happy lives & happy dogs. To always be able to pay it forward by helping in our community and serving the dog owners in Barrie for many long years.


  • " What a great find and service for my little travelling companion, Queen Charlotte! Having travelled by car from Nova Scotia and spending some time visiting family in the Barrie area, I was thrilled w... "

    5 Stars
    Kelly Fitzpatrick-Stewart

  • " Marlon absolutely LOVES going to Waterdogs. He won't eat breakfast if he knows he is going because he is TOO EXCITED. I love the "learn and play" games that they do, we've noticed a difference just f... "

    5 Stars
    Keely St. Germain

  • " We have been bringing out young Poodle, Panda, to Janet at Waterdogs almost since the beginning of her business. Janet has done a wonderful job of getting a business up and running, displaying her ex... "

    5 Stars
    Heather Tennant

  • " Waterdogs Daycare is by far the best full service doggie daycare around! As an over-protective dog mom, I feel at ease when I leave Henry with Janet and her fabulous crew. Janet has extensive knowledg... "

    5 Stars
    Milica Westbrook